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Taman Pintar Park

Taman Pintar Park is located in the center of Yogyakarta city. It is a new tourist ride for children, that Taman Pintar built a vehicle for expression, creation, and appreciation of a fun atmosphere.

By educating and fun concept, Taman Pintar Park was built in 2003 to increase the interest of children and young people to science through imagination, appreciation, and ploy to develop quality human resources. Taman Pintar Park would like to realize one of the teachings of Ki Hajar Dewantara of Niteni means Given, Niroake means Mimicry and nambahi means Develop. Taman Pintar Park has a zone area:

Play Ground
Reception area and games as well as a public space for visitors. The area provided several rides for children to play as: the Tree, Pipe Storytelling, Parabola Whispering Corridor Water, Water Dance, My Beautiful Village, Singing Wall Colour Spectrum, Moving Bridge, Pulley System, Seesaw, hopscotch, and the Sand Castle Stone Forum

Heritage Buildings
Zone area is intended for children aged early education (early childhood), which consists of children of pre-school age.

Oval Building
Zone of the area consists of the introduction of environmental and science exhibition, exposure, history, science, and technology.

Box building comprising 3 floors, namely:

  • The first-floor complementary tool that includes exhibition space, audio-visual room, kids radio Jogja, restaurant and souvenir counter.
  • The second-floor zone and the application of science and technology base material consists of Indonesia, bridges science, advanced technology, popular technology, and libraries.
  • The third floor consists of Laboratory space science and Animation class.