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Sendangsono Lourdes

Sendangsono is a pilgrimage place for Catholics and it is one of Indonesian Lourdes. Located on the hillside notch with a unique architectural style. In May and October, this place is busy visited by pilgrims from all over Indonesia. In addition to praying, the pilgrims can take water from springs located in Sendangsono. They believe that water can cure various diseases.

The name of Sendangsono was taken from Sendang that means springs and Sono is the name of the tree. At first, Sendangsono is a stopping point for walkers to Boro. The place is much visited because of the spring presence that emerged between 2 Sono trees. Due to the coolness and comfort, the place also used to be imprisoned by many Buddhist clergies to purify themselves and quiet. Spiritual values ​​emerged and strengthened in line with the belief that is based on the legend that the place was inhabited by Lantamsari Goddess and her son, which named was Den Bagus Samijo.

On May 20, 1904, performed the baptism of 173 residents by Pastor Van Lith using spring water. From then turn function as a place of Catholic pilgrimage until now. Besides, to calm down and pray, will be treated to the beauty of the architectural complex designed by Y.B. Mangunwijaya and he got Aga Khan Awards.