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Gunung Merapi Museum

Museum Gunung Merapi is one of the volcanology learning centers particularly is Mount Merapi. The museum is located in Pakem district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. To achieve this museum, the visitor could head toward the north part of the city and after few kilometers from Pakem village and then there will be clues to lead to the left and then just follow the instructions. Merapi Volcano Museum is open every day except Monday, from 08:00 up to 17:00

The museum building's structure is similar to mount Merapi when viewed from the south. One of the peaked roofs is shaped like the top of Mount Merapi and the other area is flatter. When visiting the museum from outside, the visitor will see posts Museum as Merapi Volcano Window Earth. The purpose of the Earth is Window connecting the earth with the outside atmosphere. The main hall room has a diorama of Mount Merapi, especially from the south. The place in the first room is fairly closed when looking at mockups to the museum.