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Imogiri Royal Tomb

King of antiquity is largely centralized in all aspects of life and refers to a single authority, namely Maharaja. Each district was required to give tribute to the kingdom, never tried to refuse to pay this tribute if not attacked and destroyed. The pattern of the King's is a major concern for followers at the time until the burial place had been prepared long ago when the king was still alive.

The grandeur and awesomeness visible when visiting the Royal Tombs of Mataram king in Imogiri Royal Cemetery. Imogiri Tomb was built in 1632 AD by Sultan Mataram Hanyokrokusumo King III and is a descendant of Mataram Kingdom's king, Panembahan Senopati. The Royal Tomb is located on the south side of Yogyakarta city and it is about 45 minutes south of the trip by car. The Royal tomb is on the hills and it is still one cluster with Mount Seribu.

Imogiri cemetery is divided into 3 parts, the main tomb, the tomb of Sultan King Hanyokrokusumo, Amangkurat II, Amangkurat III with one queen. The left-wing consisted of Pakubuwono I, III, and Amangkurat Pakubuwono Jawi. On the right-wing consists of Solo's queen, Pakubuwono III, and his consort and queen. The tomb of King Imogiri stories about mystical tombs and it is often heard.

The Sultan's story miracles ancient times with the South Sea Queen. The story goes when Panembahan Senopati found Mataram was imprisoned in the Southern Ocean quivered feel the magic of Panembahan Senopati. Then came out of the Queen and met Him to stop his hermitage. The Queen will help the power of Panembahan Senopati in Java and request, that the Queen is a wife of kings of Mataram kingdom would become her husband but with no generation.