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Sendang Sriningsih

Sriningsih is a pilgrimage place of natural springs and located in Gayamharjo village, between Ijo hill and Mintorogo village. The history of Sendang Sriningsih began in the year 1934 when a Jesuit priest named D Hardjosuwondo SJ was stationed in Jali village and visit the place that used to be called Duren Spring. The fascinated by the spiritual aura going into the places, then built location around becomes pilgrimage place. He gave the name Sendang Sriningsih, which means the media to thank God for the people.

When reaching Sendang Sriningsih, the celebration can begin the process by tracking the way of the cross. The route designed with little climbing stairs along and approximately 900 meters. As with other cross routes, there some sign info along the way to tell the journey of Jesus while carrying the wooden cross. The way of the cross will end when arriving at T-junction, turn right, and see a large cross with Jesus nailed statue. Located at the hill where Jesus was crucified, like in Golgotha and visitors can light candles under the cross, then pray.

Along with the story, Sendang Sriningsih turns into the lake and there is a belief that water can cure all ills. The height of the cave is four feet which people perform prayers around. The place is spacious and cool to pray under a large tree. At Christmas time, many pilgrims pray in Sendang Sriningsih Mary Cave. They will be lined up neatly and grouped with relatives, come will be amazing and could increase the faith by visiting.