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Mekarsari Garden

Mekarsari is exotic garden recreation park with plenty different kinds of fruits from various regions of Indonesia. Located on highway between Cileungsi and Jonggol, Bogor. Mekar Unggul Sari Company offers some interesting object spot programs and facilities. This tourism Park covers 264 hectares and offers various kinds of tourist attractions.

Visitor can get around using train to see plant collection in short tour. During the tour will pass some interesting objects such as: nurseries area, plastic home area, outbound rides, fishing pond, vegetable garden, fruit trees in pots, honeydew garden, garden bark, citrus, rambutan, jack fruit, star fruit and many more.

When passing through to gardens and see the type of honeydew plant, they are in plastic house. When visiting honeydew and fruit bearing plants, they can pick up straight from the tree. Honeydew has variety are: golden light honeydew, glamor, jade flower, Langkawi and Renong. After touring with mini train, visitor can take a rest in building with waterfall view. The building is unique when viewed from outside, because there is water flowing from the top of building down like waterfall.

Quality of Fruit
Mekarsari Garden has been collecting thousands of species plants. Besides the fruit is grown in accordance original, there are also pieces that are result of laboratory Mekarsari own creations. Some of products that have been produced from this laboratory have been succeeded in attracting of visitors, even superior product. That products like some fruit of pineapples, guava, durian and others.

For added convenience, visitor should confirm of booking, in order to obtain clear information about facilities and perfect time to visit. Just ask what plants are being fruitful, it because not all fruiting plants simultaneously. Enjoy the variety of plants in Mekarsari Garden and saw many hanging fruits on the tree.