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Handicraft is one of the home industry sectors, which promises local industry among people of Yogyakarta, especially in ​​tourist attraction spot areas. Indonesian state has a rich culture and handicraft products are very diverse. The Handicraft product made ​​up of various materials and one of them is made from buffalo skin. With leather base material, it can be made the art of inlaid decoration by using the skin as a creative medium. It can be produced by ordinary fans, leather puppets, wall hangings, calligraphy, frame, bookmarks, lampshade, hand fans, and more.

Crafts inlaid decoration especially leather puppets are crafting a blend of art history. It because to make shadow puppets necessary skills, high tenacity, and a sense of love for puppet story. Shadow puppet is a heritage of Sultan Palace, it is expected to be an example of the legacy that must be preserved and maintained continued existence of shadow puppets as Yogyakarta's identity.

The handicraft decoration industry has developed for many years. The home industry and craft centers are already well known overseas. They are precisely in Karangasem village, Wukirsari, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Many craftsmen work as Tatah Sunggging and it is about 80% of the population has professions as artisans.