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Kalisuci Cave

Gunungkidul is an arid and barren region but underneath all of that is so rich in caves and beaches. It becomes a magnet itself suck and tourist attraction to visit. One of them is a challenging tourist cave for laced Kalisuci and it is located in Jetis Pacarejo village, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Kalisuci cave within 60 kilometers from Yogyakarta as unique in incoming surface streams is flowing into the cave to disgorge to Baron beach. Before the water arriving at Baron beach, the river flows through Glatik cave, Gelong cave, Buriomah cave, and finally to Jomblang cave.

The concept offered Kalisuci Cave as a special tourist interest by offering activities Cave Tubing. That activity combines exercise with sports torrents down the cave. Travel is an adventure vehicle with the tires, to the underground of Kalisuci cave down 500 meters and it is equipped with standard equipment and an experienced field. It has a low-grade condition of performing cave tubing is very impressive so the visitor can obtain a unique and interesting experience.

The visitor will enjoy views of cave ornaments, natural life dark, and the art value of the cave. In addition to adventure, Kalisuci means Eco-tourism Education. Tourists can learn about the science of Specology, the environment, and the morphology of limestone. The formation of science bio-ecology cave life and so on.