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Puncak Pass Bogor

Puncak Pass is highland and surrounding sights and is located in Bogor, West Java. It is known as the natural panorama of mountains that stretches wide-ranging from Ciawi, Cisarua, and Cipanas districts. To get the convenience of visiting, bring a thick sweater and raincoat as well as the condition of highlands often experience unpredictable rainfall. Bogor is very famous as Rain City because of the rainfall's high grade.

The highlight is the mountainous tourist area included Bogor and Cianjur little town. The area is very famous for domestic and foreigner, known as the resting place of resident as well as local tea plantation with nice view surround. The thee plantation was built by Dutch Colonial Government. Nowadays, the tea plantation is owned by PT Nusantara VIII of Gunung Mas. The natural beauty around made President Soekarno amazed, so he built a restaurant with a nature peak view.

There is also a beautiful recreation place and ecotourism, including Gunung Mas Tea Plantation and hang gliding (paragliding). There are some interesting sights, include Garden Flowers, Indonesia Safari Park, and a beautiful mosque with the typical architecture of Atta'awun style. There are plenty of villas and hotels, which owned by local people for resting place and overnight.